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Solace "formally known as DJ Shark" is a 21 Year Old Christian Music Producer, DJ, Radio Host and Percussionist from Chester, New York. Born musically gifted, Branden would always make sounds with whatever he could get his hands on! Growing up, his initial musical inspiration was from watching his father play lead guitar in his rock band. Branden got his first stage experience by playing percussion in his school orchestra and being the drum line leader. His musical influences range from Skrillex & Yanni to Timbaland & Martin Garrix and everything in between!


When Branden was just 15, he had the opportunity to DJ for 2,000 people (including celebrities) at The Hoboken International Film Festival. At 16, he was blessed with the opportunity from Triple Threat FM Radio to have his own weekly radio show, "The Tidal Wave", as well as having his one hour mixes played in Italy on Radio Punto Stereo. At 17, he and his friend won Honorable Mention for the Jewish Federation's "2021 Stop The Hate Challenge" by composing a musical score on the Holocaust, and when he graduated high school, he received the Louis Armstrong Jazz Award.


Upon turning 20, Branden decided to start using his GOD-given talents to fulfill his calling by spreading peace to the world through sound & thus, his new artist name Solace was born. Solace is currently working on his new Christian album and all of his existing music can be found on all streaming platforms!

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